Our Story

Our Story

The Ultimate Canadian Socks

The Thermohair brand was introduced to the Canadian market 28 years ago by Theresa Bergeron, a very well educated, hard working, determined and creative woman. Theresa raised Angora goats for a hobby on her farm in Ontario but over the years she began to realize the economic value in the Mohair fibre. Through trial and error and experimentation, extremely hard work and perseverance Theresa introduced the 1st ever “kid” mohair sock using the very finest fibre that comes from the baby goats.

I joined Theresa in 2006 because of my love for the outdoors and desire for great quality, natural fibre clothing. As someone who has climbed and skied in the mountains and kayaked on oceans and rivers, I have an acute first-hand understanding of the importance of good warm, protective footwear. Thus, Thermohair socks and insoles and my passion for small business made my partnership with Theresa a perfect fit. When I began working with her there was essentially no knowledge of the Thermohair brand in B.C. Over the years, the word has spread throughout the province regarding the extraordinary quality of these products and the brand has grown in tandem with the evolution of social responsibility, conscious consumerism, enlightened capitalism and a growing love for Canadian products. Thermohair products meet all these requirements and more including the need for a warm, soft, durable, natural fibre sock.

Typically, most of my sales come from the fall and winter Craft Markets and as my business grew my sons often helped out which has made for loads of fun. Over these years, through word of mouth advertising I have sold thousands and thousands of products one by one and I can truly say that I have had fewer than 1 dozen returns in 14 years. Many customers have become so intensely loyal that I call them the “goat cult” since they love to spread the word or “the warmth”. One property of mohair is its high absorbancy capacity and so in addition to providing feedback and ideas to Theresa, I also enjoy the creative process of hand dying, hand painting and hand wrapping many of our socks. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy selling them!