Fun Loving Socks


Fun Loving Socks

Keeps you warm when it is cold out

Wicks moister when it is warm to keep you cool!

100% sourced and made in Canada!

Extremely durable & fire resistant!

So soft you won’t believe it until you try it.

Why Mohair?

Kid-Mohair comes from baby Angora Goats. Beautiful, hardy little characters that grow only one baby coat in their entire lifetime and so it is a very precious and expensive fibre. It takes the entire coat of 1 baby to make 1 pair of our socks! It means you are buying a luxurious, rare, one-of-kind product.

So Warm!

Kid-Mohair comes from baby Angora Goats native to the Atlas Mountains of Turkey, a cold harsh region of the world. The fibre has a beautiful insulating quality that keeps feet exceptionally warm. I have worn them to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, 19,340 feet, an icy cold environment and my feet were toasty warm!

Dry & Cool

As a natural fibre Kid-Mohair does not suffocate but rather breathes and allows air flow while drawing and wicking moisture from our feet as they naturally perspire providing supreme comfort. Natural Mohair fibre is lite and will expand and contract infilling the space within your shoes for added insulation and support.

So Durable!

Trust the Science! Under stringent, independent laboratory conditions our mohair proved to be 700 % more durable that Cashmere; 65% more durable than Alpaca and 70% more durable than Wool! Diameter to diameter mohair is stronger than steel! Our typical customer will wear our socks 4 – 5 years before replacement thus saving you time and money!

Oh So Soft & Safe!

Super Soft Kid-mohair comes from baby goats that is extremely gently to the touch. Trust the science – the micron count is between 25 – 40 which means supreme comfort on your feet and safety since mohair is almost non-inflammatory, non-combustible, ideal for safety.


Mohair is natural and renewable and has an extremely low environmental impact. Angora goats will forage and do not compete with humans for the same food sources. Our socks may last for years, the antithesis of a disposable product and since they carry very little odor producing bacteria they require washing only after 5 or more wears. Pure synthetics, washed daily can release up to 700,000 microfibres of plastic in a single wash!

Canadian Made & Hand-Dyed.

Our Thermohair socks have been truly tried and tested in the Canadian market for the past 27 years and many of the bright colours are hand-dyed to add to the unique feature of this product.


  1. Canberry Festival – Fort Langley
    Saturday, Oct 9th
  2. Studio Fair – Prince George
    Friday – Sunday, Nov 5th – 7th
  3. Circle Craft – Vancouver
    Wednesday – Sunday, Nov 10th – 14th
  4. Out of Hand – Victoria
    Friday – Sunday, Nov 26th – 28th
  5. Coquitlam Christmas Craft Fair – Coquitlam
    Friday – Sunday, Dec 3rd – 5th